My Favorite Vegan Restaurant!

I have to tell you about the new vegan restaurant I just discovered in London – it’s called Vantra¬†and it’s soooo good! The serve vegan and raw vegan dishes and everything is so fresh and colorful and healthy! Not too much fried foods like some vegan places and I love how fresh it all is! The owners are so lovely and kind and they are going to do so well with this place.

I’m actually not too sure how long it’s been around but I just heard of it for the first time recently and went as soon as I could. It’s also a buffet style which is dangerous sand awesome all at once LOL! I just checked and they don’t have a menu posted online I guess because it’s a buffet but there was this amazing beet salad I highly recommend as well as their homemade kombucha!

Please check it out and let me know what you think!




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