DIY Toothpaste…!

I recently became inspired to make my very own, all natural, organic toothpaste. I saw a very interesting DIY blog post about it, and thought I would give it a try. After all, we all use toothpaste so often – twice a day, at a minimum. So, given how often we use it, we might as well make sure we are using something completely toxin free and healthy, right?

Well, while you would think that toothpaste would be pretty free of toxins, the truth is that the toothpastes you find at the grocery store aren’t the healthiest things out there. In fact, accidentally swallowing toothpaste can lead to a tummyache or even worse. Sort of scary to think that we’re putting things like that in our mouth on a daily basis!

I figured that making my own toothpaste would be fun, but not really yield a product that I would want to use on a daily basis. Boy was I surprised! The result of my little production run is a delightful toothpaste that not only taste great, but is also fully edible and does a great job of keeping my teeth pearly white and my breath fresh.

Making it was quite simple, and you can learn about it in this blog post that I found. and which I have linked above. I decided to flavor my toothpaste with pure essential peppermint oil. You can get oil like that quite cheaply at your local health food store. I’m excited to make some more toothpaste in the future and use other essential oils like cinnamon.

Anyway, give it a shot and try to make your own toothpaste – I think you’ll enjoy it!