Meditation With a Tibetan Singing Bowl

I recently started meditating for 10-20 minutes immediately after waking up as well as immediately before going to sleep at night. At the start, it was very difficult to get into a deep meditative state, as my mind would be bombarded and filled with various thoughts of the things I needed to do that day or the next. I couldn’t believe that some people could actually completely quiet their mind during meditation!

I have become much more proficient at meditation ever since I purchased this lovely Tibetan singing bowl from a company that specializes in them (check them out!). Mediation, as I have learned, is much easier if you have something subtle to focus on to the exclusion of the various thoughts that would otherwise bombard your mind. That’s where my singing bowl comes in!

In particular, when I meditate, I slowly and occasionally tap my wooden mallet against my singing bowl and focus on the angelic tones emanating from the bowl. I find that this makes it so much easier for me to fall into a deep meditative state and avoid getting pulled out of the moment with the thoughts bombarding my mind.

Granted, this type of meditation is a bit different from the type of meditation were you lie or sit motionless. In this form of meditation, one of my hands is moving every now and then to create music with my bowl. However, moving meditation is quite commonly practiced and can in fact permit people to achieve a deeper meditative state as it provides the mind with something to focus on to he exclusion of the thoughts that can bombard our minds.

Do any of you like to meditate? I’d love to hear about your experiences as well as your tips and tricks for achieving deeper meditative states!